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July 11th, 2026 1:52 pm
sugary lines [
hello! i'm a player who is quick with communication, tagging spam, and can be counted on to tag threads a minimum of one time a day, often more. i am looking for long-term het lines heavy on the plot with a helping of erotic where i play the female, generally playing 18-29 year olds against males of the same age and up to 50. please be someone who won't disappear immediately. if you're tired of flakes, let's see how we work together.

i love spam posts and, seeing as these are all modern lines, i would ask that they absolutely be part of the line to foster communication outside of threads. i definitely, definitely would want to be threading as well!!!

you'll notice that a lot of my lines involve women in a position of dependence on men. please do not think that this means i write doormat women. my characters are always multifaceted with flaws and goals.

the sugar pot

Sugar Babies are just what a man might want, or need, in their lives. These gorgeous young women afford companionship, flirtations, and... often sex. For a price, of course--an 'allowance' or 'gifts.' All Sugar Babies have their own reasons for getting involved in a sweet lifestyle. Some need to pay bills, some need to pay for college/college debt, some just want a lavish lifestyle. The Sugar Daddies could be lonely, need someone on their arm for events, or are eager for a willing plaything...

possible places to meet: a website similar to, a get-together hosted by someone who 'helps' the SD/SBs get connected, private recommendation, or a proposition to a girl a SD knows or has met.

the not so sweet
i am always on the lookout for complex lines in varying shades of darkness. i am a big fan of alpha/controlling/dominant men against my women (who don't just roll over and do whatever the men want). here are some potential storylines but we could mix elements or come up with something brand new that has the same sort of vibe.

  • her family (or just herself) owes this rich man big time. when she tries to meet with him to beg forgiveness and patience she is met with a proposition. she must stay at his home if she wants to repay. every day will pay back a % of the debt. while he doesn't say it outright, she has a feeling he wants more than someone lounging on his couch or even cooking him dinners...
  • she is talked into going to a sex club for very rich men by her friends and goes for any number of reasons (curiosity, hoping to bag a rich boyfriend, hoping for presents, etc.). while she might be passed around by the gentlemen at first--or perhaps nabbed by one at the outset--she winds up being the sole treasure of a gentleman. his possessiveness begins to strip away at her life even as she falls deeply for him. as she contemplates leaving he must choose to change, to force her there, or let her go. [could be interesting to play out several encounters with different men if you have other male characters you'd like to play]
  • he's been watching her. whether he's an ex-boyfriend, an admirer from her social circle, or a stranger who wants to claim her, he's been watching her closer and closer. he finally has the opportunity to nab her. the options of what he does with her are well varied. he could try to coax her into affection or he could force himself upon her and try later--or never try at all. [i'd prefer dub con in this situation, especially if we are going to go long term... one idea i have is a female porn star stalked by a fan]
  • an alpha male has hired her to his company but he's not really keen on using her expertise as he is his fuck buddy. she really needs this job so she'll have to navigate the situation to secure her future while pleasing him.
  • he's used to getting everything he wants, so when the waitress denies him a date he plans on getting her in his bed no matter how hard it is--be it through lying, force, leading her on, or providing a service/gift that she very desperately needs.
  • affair lines:
    • she isn't willing to let him stay with his significant other. she works diligently, a black widow creating a web, urging him to be hers and not letting it stop until he is. [i could do gender swap here and various edits to make a strong jealousy line that could fuck with both of them]
    • he's her best friend's boyfriend/husband but the two can't help but give in to their passion, even knowing it could destroy their lives.
    • he was always a family man but once the babysitter/nanny/assistant came into his life all he can think about is bringing her to his bed instead of his wife. maybe she's interested, maybe she's not sure... but something's got to give.
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